The new smart way

Built on +8 yrs of industry insights to streamline ad agencies.

Reporting and control panel

Easy customizable reporting. One for each client and one dashboard with all clients.

Automated SOP's

Create service SOP's once. Deploy with a single click for each new client.

Task management

Streamline client management with easy access to create and share tasks.

Custom client portal

Share all tasks, notes and performance with your clients with a single click.


Measure client satisfaction easily. Work with numbers, not feelings.


Write and organize notes easily. No more description needed for this feature.

Decision-based dashboard

We've built a dashboard, specific for agencies. Work smarter.

Touchpoint tracking

Set the frequency of how often you'd like to talk to your clients and we'll remind you.

Agreement reminder

Set the expiration of your agreement, and we'll remind you when to renegotiate.

"Finally, agencies can break free from the fragmented and inefficient tech stack."

Mathias Riis @ Partner, Leadmotor

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